The HandiRamp Foundation

The HandiRamp Foundation is an organization committed to assisting people and their families facing disability challenges each day.

In 2006, the HandiRamp foundation was formed out of the great need for fully funded access ramps and lifts, and to provide helpful services for those people who otherwise cannot afford a home modification by themselves. Insurance companies (including Medicare and Medicaid) will readily pay thousands of dollars for wheelchairs and scooters for their clients, but they will not pay for any home modifications. The result is that thousands of people become prisoners in their own homes while others can not visit family and friends.

Handi-Ramp recognized this and created two initiatives to help address this issue. The Home Access Program is a free consultation service that works closely with real estate agents to help a family who has a member with a disability select the right home for their needs; Handi-Ramp can then provide the right modifications prior to the purchase so that these modifications can be included in the mortgage.

You can also support the HandiRamp foundation directly or support a specific project – click to see a list of various projects The Handi-Ramp Foundation is working to raise money for.

To request funds for your project, please fill out the form here.  The more details you can provide us, the better, including a detialed description, images, and any video(s) you may have.  Once approved, your project will be assigned its own webpage to invite family and friends to contribute to.


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