The HandiRamp Foundation

My father in law is 50 years old and he has been having knee problems for a while now. He had surgery at the end of April to scrap arthritis and repair a meniscus. Well the dr waited after doing that knee because he didn’t want to do both knees and it didn’t work. Well months later it hasn’t worked. Well he went to the dr the other day and the dr set him up for total knee replacement in both knees. Which means that he is going to be wheel chair bound for a while. Most of his children that can help live more than a hr away that leaves his mom and she cannot carry him up those steps every time he has a drs appt or every time they need to leave the house. With my father in law being on short term disability since his first surgery he only brings home $ 175 a week and after bills they are left in the red every time and don’t have the extra money to save to build him a ramp that he so desperately needs.


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