The HandiRamp Foundation


Who are you?

Handi-Ramp was founded in 1958 to provide accessibility, safety, and material handling products to those in need of a simple, inexpensive solution. The Handi-Ramp Foundation was created in 2006 to address those individuals or families needing a solution but lacking the funds to make it a reality. The Handi-Ramp Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


How does your foundation work?

The Handi-Ramp Foundation provides funding solutions for your specific project by raising monies on our foundation site and acting as a “holder” until the required funds are raised. Once your goal is met, the foundation will use the collected funds toward the acquisition of a ramp, lift or other accessible products needed by that individual. No money will be distributed. HandiRamp will acquire or provide the product (ramp, lift or other accessibility product) and installation at a discounted price once the funds are collected. Please contact us for a product/installation estimate for your specific project.


What will it cost me to open a project?

There is no upfront cost to you.  All money donated for your project will be donated to the project representative.


How long will it take to approve my project and to create my personal webpage?

It could take 1-2 weeks from initially receiving your information via web submission to approval, and another 2 business days for your webpage to go live.


What are the requirements for new projects?

1) You must have an accessibility need; 2) Reasonable goal and timeframe; 3) Proof of identity (must be 18 or older).


What is the maximum project duration?

Project duration can be set to last between 14-48 days. We recommend a project duration of 30 days or less. A shorter duration can create a helpful sense of urgency about your project.


What if my project exceeds its goal?

The Handi-Ramp Foundation will contribute any excess funds to another project.


What if my project doesn’t reach the goal within the time frame?

The Handi-Ramp Foundation reserves the right to re-purpose contributed funds toward another project. If the donator does not wish to have their contribution re-purposed, we will honor any donation refund requests.


How do I promote my project?

You may promote the webpage any way you’d like – social media (Facebook posts, tweets etc). You can also ask your Facebook friends to repost, share and like so their friends see the request. Email your friends and share the link to your page (but don’t spam). Contact your church, local businesses, local schools. Put up local flyers and/or posters. Get creative.


Is your foundation limited to U.S. residents only?

At the present time, we are limited to the 48 Contiguous United States. Please check back later to see if this policy has changed.


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